Attention to Detail

Attention goes father then setting up the pose in the shot. You need to pay attention to muscles, weight distributions, etc...

As mentioned before model objections when you get a new model you need to ask them if there is anything they don't feel comfortable with and get them in front of a mirror and show them how you can get rid of the unwanted.

Such as

Example of Width Vs. Height

Anyways, even photographers in my area have made mistakes, or what I find to be mistakes. Let's take a very popular pose for women in senior pictures. The setting on the ground leg shot.

Can you find the problems with this photo?

  1. Hyper extended limbs - This is common in skinny, tiny, double jointed individuals, or putting too much weight one arm or leg. The limb appears to be bent in opposite direction. Try to not put too much weight on limb in view, if you can put the weight somewhere else. Put the weight on limb that is away from the camera.
  2. Bulge because of too much weight - Leaning her weight on her arms creates a very ugly and unnatural muscle bulge at the top of her arm. This is usually ok for men or muscle magazine but not for glamour shot. Try to not put too much weight on limb in view, if you can put the weight somewhere else. Put the weight on limb that is away from the camera.
  3. Twist - The way she is positioned she looks larger then she is, believe me I know her, and there is nothing big about her.
  4. With her leg laying flat on the couch or floor, it flattens her thigh.
  5. Jewelry, is it necessary in this picture, does it match her attire? Many times jewelry is often forgotten and is not attractive in glamour shots.
  6. Bulge in waist By placing her weight so heavily on her hands, it forces her to tighten her stomach, giving us the bulge at her waist.
  7. Background - Glamour shot? No not really, just everyday house photo. LOL

Other things to avoid

  1. Having limbs coming from other areas of the body. You don't want it to look like an arm is growing from the back, stomach or side.
  2. Don't let other articles of clothing or other items come in the way of the photo. Don't let an item in the back ground look like it's growing from their body.
  3. Don't cut off someone's limbs. Never crop a photo at a joint of the body. If you are not going to include their entire body do not crop at a joint.
  4. Do not point toes as this stretches the leg muscles. If you are doing ballet or something to that sort cheerleading, majorette where you want to show of beautiful muscles that is fine, otherwise looks awful.

The Body's V Shape

Before we can get it completely right - there's another point to address.

The body has a natural V Shape. The waist is usually narrower than the shoulders. But when a model is photographed from the side, that "V" isn't visible, and instead we see this boxy, flat shape.

By turning the upper body a little more toward the camera, we once again have the familiar V shape which is much more attractive. 

Legs, Calves, & Feet

One more point I'll add concerns the legs - and in particular the calf and ankles. Many people don't realize that when a person is standing flat footed, the calf muscle relaxes and extends. But if you have your model up on her toes, or in high heels when her legs are showing, the calf muscle tightens up and rises - making her ankle appear slimmer. Avoid extending ankles and feet too far as you will may the person look deformed or uncomfortable.


By paying attention to the details of your model's figure, you'll be able to spot these little problems BEFORE you put them permanently on film!

Models: Once you realize these little tricks, you'll be able pose more confidently and get better quality photos every time.